Skin is our largest organ. It is our body’s shield against elements, and especially intimate skin. The formulation of Fulfillene has a patent-pending peptide module complex that is a very unique blend of proteins and amino acids that help restore and regulate healthy function to intimate dry skin.

Dry Intimate Skin
Healthy Intimate Skin

"Vaginal Mucosa Normal vs Menopause" by Bruce Blaus is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. Added overlay texts and divided the image in two and swapped positions.

It is the first of its kind to address and aid in the depth of health to the layers of the skin naturally stimulating production of collagen, elastin and hydration of the skin.

Fulfillene Intimate Skin Moisturizer has pure, clean ingredients scientifically formulated with a patent pending proprietary formulation for the most sensitive skin. Water-based, Parabens free, no animal testing, no added fragrance, naturally pH-balanced. Reclaims the awakening of the mind, body, and spirit.

The rich blend of Fulfillene’s essential ingredients, was formulated based on the vulvar-vaginal ecosystem, providing therapeutic, restorative, and protective properties for vulvar/vaginal skin maintenance that may aid in providing the following benefits:

Fulfillene's essential ingredients

  • Naturally Stimulating production of collagen for vulvar and vaginal skin
  • Anti-Inflammatory Protection of the Skin
  • Firming and Plumping Skin
  • Restoring Moisture and Hydration of the Vulvar and Vaginal skin
  • Increasing Blood Flow and Oxygenation to the Skin
  • Probiotic Ingredients may help Maintain Normal pH of the Vaginal Mucosa, and Decrease Odor
  • Provides a Soothing and Sensual Experience with intimacy/intercourse