Rachael Cabreira Founder, CEO has over 22 years, specializing in urogynecology, pelvic and sexual health, and Anti-Aging Medicine. With credentials that include BSN, RN, MSN, FNP-C, Certified Sexual Health Clinician, Anti-Aging Specialist she strives to provide resources, options, and opportunities to empower an optimal quality  of life.

Rachael Cabreira Fulfillene Founder

As the founder and developer of Fulfillene, she is committed to focusing on the science and pathophysiology in the health of skin.

She started her career as a labor and delivery nurse, soon becoming a nurse practitioner and a midwife taking care of women hormonally maintain healthy lives in trying to get pregnant, infertility, relationship issues, sexual health, challenges during their pregnancy, and post-partum.

In 2016, she founded Innovative Wellness Inc. in Walnut Creek, California, developing a pelvic and sexual health care practice that has become a destination for women to provide resources, options, and opportunities to personalize a multi-disciplinary approach to optimize quality of life. It is where women can tell their story and put a language to their symptoms.

Based on this practice Rachael found a gap in products that provide a therapeutic and protective effect for intimate skin, so she developed and made Fulfillene what it is and what it needs to be—fulfilling. The product has been clinically, scientifically tested and formulated with pure, clean ingredients that have a unique patent-pending peptide complex to establish therapeutic, restorative, and protective properties to help aid skin to its healthy state.

Rachael has not only been in clinical care solely, She has had several leadership and educational roles in healthcare, including opportunities to spearhead and open new clinics, and help create healthcare access across the care continuum to optimally meet patient needs.  She has also been a speaker for many groups and events, advocating for empowering knowledge and awareness of women’s health.

Above and beyond all, she is truly a Femtech pioneer dedicated to the quality and longevity of life for her patients and Fulfillene customers.