What does healthy intimate skin have in common with healthier sex?

Intimate skin is our most sensitive skin on our body. In fact, it has the purpose of enabling healthy sexual function and optimizing pleasure.

Did you know that orgasms have over 20 benefits to improving your overall health?

If we have compromised intimate skin, dry and irritated, then intimacy is not desirable, often leading to decreased desire and libido.

Just to put some perspective into this discussion, 50% of the population is women, 30% of them don’t orgasm well, and almost 100% will experience some level of vulvar-vaginal dryness post-menopausal.

What is the science, the pathophysiology behind an orgasm? It has to do with OXYGENATION, BLOODFLOW, and a hormone called Oxytocin, also known as the LOVE HORMONE [important role of facilitating social bonding between humans]. My personal definition of an orgasm is it really is the other heartbeat of a woman’s body.

If women are unable to have the feeling and sensations of an orgasm, they are not feeling alive, and not feeling connected to their mind, body, and intimate spirit.  Below is a list of just a few things that orgasms have benefits of improving:

  • Improves downstream of our hormones; helps regulate function
  • Raises estrogen and builds bone
  • Decreases pain, releasing endorphins and corticosteroids
  • Enhances fertility
  • Lowers cardiovascular risk
  • Improves emotional wellbeing, increases happiness, intimacy, feeling closer to your partner: orgasm stimulates brain function promotes feeling of bliss and bonding
  • Improves skin health [keeps you glowing] ; forget Botox-keep having orgasm
  • Improves sleep; release of dopamine and oxytocin can promote feelings of intimacy as well as rests and peacefulness: Sleep is when our body resets, hormones reset, and we need that to have healthy orgasms
  • Helps with metabolism
  • Helps boost your immune system
  • Helps strengthen pelvic floor muscles [pelvic floor muscles have a direct support and function to bladder and sexual health]
  • The female Orgasm could make men focus better, out of pleasuring their partner

For a female her mind and her vagina need to be turned on!  Blood flow and oxygenation is the key to rev up, clitoral engorgement, increase lubrication, excitement…that desire.  It is known that women need emotional desire to have sex, while men need sex to have emotional desire.

To optimize pleasure and overall intimate heath, keeping your vulvar and vaginal skin healthy is vital.  Just like skin on our face, it starts to lose elasticity, wrinkles, stiffens, and become thin.  Dry, thin skin can be irritated easily, and increase risks for sexual discomfort, urinary and vaginal infections, and urinary symptoms.

Maintaining a daily intimate skin regimen, is just as important as maintaining therapy on any other skin on our body. Keeping our intimate skin, hydrated, plump, and lubricated are the key conductors that will help engage in improving a woman’s overall sexual desire, sexual function, integrity, and support of her overall vulvar, vaginal, and clitoral skin.

For all these reasons, this is why Fulfillene Intimate Skin Moisturizer has been developed, providing therapeutic ingredients that clinically improve and maintain skin to its healthy state, while providing a sensual experience.

Rachael Cabreira BSN,RN, MSN, FNP-C, Certifies Sexual Health Clinician, Anti-Aging Specialist

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