Unlocking taboo conversations

Have you ever been in a conversation with your girlfriends, and then one of them states that they haven’t been sleeping well, or suddenly “ one morning they woke up just not themselves “or why does sex hurt?

The conversation starts a little reserved, quiet, with pauses… and then… it happens, we are not alone, we have all been experiencing “the change” but without words, support and awareness that yes, menopause is a normal process, but the symptom may be challenging and impacting our quality of life.

Did you know that nearly 100% of women will experience vaginal dryness during menopause, and will worsen as women age? The symptoms can be associated with increased urinary frequency and urgency, vulvar-vaginal itching, painful sexual intercourse, disconnecting our mind body and spirit!

Women have long been underserved in the health care industry, and it is time for innovative health care solutions for women to come to the forefront.   It’s time to establish women’s sexual healthcare in conversations that are not just spoken in the provider’s office or home, we need to extend the cultural shift to “national awareness”.

Forbes stated in one of their most recent publications that “by 2021 there will be 1.1 billion menopausal women, with over 80% of menopausal women having vulva-vaginal dryness, which is one of their most common symptoms, lack of libido, lack of desire, which all impact lack of healthy sexual, bladder, and pelvic function.

It is estimated that over 45% of women have sexual dysfunction, while only approximately 15% will speak to their providers about it and seek help.

The title “Femtech” was a term designed to provide a category of female focused terminology, visibility, and creativity to help develop a new atmosphere and approach to women’s health. 

This is truly a special time in history for women’s health, especially sexual health.

My goal has been to develop an intimate product line, Fulfillene, and resources that are a unique and a “one of kind” experience for sexual health and well-being.

We are in a place that can stand out to create the visibility, terminology, and technology that can provide women safe spaces for sexual health education and conversation, while also transforming the way society views women’s sexuality through the different stages in her life.

Overall, this gives women the empowerment to feel free and more comfortable to better understand these issues and seek multi-disciplinary treatment options to optimize their quality of life and longevity.  Its time to celebrate women’s health, and be at the forefront to discuss these “very taboo conversations and Express Yourself!”

Rooted in Science, Backed By Passion: Inspired by all my patients

My story is simple; I have been in healthcare for over 23 years, serving women over their lifespan.   I came to point in my career, where I wanted more answers, resources, and products to offer optimizing quality of life… don’t all women deserve that?

After hearing endless hopeless tearful stories of women, suffering with vulvar- vaginal dryness, causing decreased libido, painful intercourse, intimate skin that is dry, irritated, burns after sex, skin is sore, uncomfortable when I wear underwear… I couldn’t really recommend a great intimate product that can be therapeutic, protect and preserve the integrity of skin.

Women expressed, that “No one even knew that intimate skin should have a daily regime to keep the integrity of the skin healthy, and all the function it’s really responsible for?”

I had developed a formulation but had not yet put it to market.  So one day, after hearing, again a very sad life changing story of a woman, who was suffering, I came to my breaking point and decided, I need to step up and make a difference, inspired by all my suffering patients, I decided to finally develop my intimate skin moisturizer.

I had come in contact with a wonderful woman, named Jane, who specialized in women intimate health, and as I entered the conversation with confidence that this is something women need, she expressed that “this has been what women are waiting for”.

After 4 years in the making, clinically tested, Fulfillene a patent-pending formulation has been developed.  I developed it based on what the vulvar-vaginal ecosystem thrives off of, and can maintain the therapeutic preservation of what our intimate skin needs.

As I launched in my office, I couldn’t believe the responses and life changing experiences women had using Fulfillene.   Every woman needs to have the opportunity to use this. So now I have provided the opportunity to educate and share with all!  Truly, the pelvis is the other heartbeat of a woman’s body.

So, I decided to not only  “join the Femtech world, but to become apart of the Femtech world” by developing something that is ground-breaking and truly makes a difference, unlocking taboo conversation, allowing women to express themselves, helping women not feel alone, and educating them that these symptoms are resolvable.

I have dedicated my clinical expertise and passion to developing Fulfillene Intimate Skin Moisturizer, this product has a story, a purpose, and lives to change! I call it sexual liberation, set yourself free and optimize your quality of life. Own who you are without apology!  Its time to celebrate sexual liberation and optimizing your quality of life!

It is my mission to inform, educate, and reduce the shame that has been around the discussions that still exists around topics of vaginal and pelvic health. It’s really embracing your mind body and spirit, it’s apart of being a human being!

Rachael Cabreira BSN,RN, MSN, FNP-C, Certifies Sexual Health Clinician, Anti-Aging Specialist

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